Get 4x more rental leads in half the time

One post on Ikos sends your property to multiple sites, for free. Increase your returns by tracking market demand to secure tenants you'll love.

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Ikos tracks the market to get the best tenants for you

Manage all your leads in one place

List on all the top rental sites

Renter communication and showings simplified

Tenant screening, at no cost to you

Without Ikos

  • Guesstimate the right price for your listing
  • Time consuming paid post to individual websites
  • Answer and qualify the swarm of leads
  • Schedule and conduct showings
  • Deal with inconvenient no shows
  • Send and process applications
  • Handle back and forth of lease details

With Ikos

  • Data and consultations set your optimal rent price
  • Free listings to premium websites in 7 clicks
  • You choose from screened applicants
  • Unit filled on your terms, with full control
Nick, Landlord from Pittsburgh
“With Ikos, my family's portfolio maximized the cash flows on all of our properties, having our most profitable years since the 90s.”
Nick, Landlord from Pittsburgh

Unlock data sets that optimize your rentals in real time

We’ve conducted thousands of showings and have relevant data that helps you understand exactly what renters value.

Optimize your listings to rent

Our data helps you understand renter trends so you adjust as quickly as the market does.

Direct feedback from renters

We provide summaries of every showing and the feedback that renters provide.

Ikos data
Ikos Syndication Partners

One post and you’re on all the top rental sites

Upload your property and we send it to the high traffic sites where everyone’s looking.

Pictures, video & floor plan

Professional media provides an experience that wows renters before the showing.

Centralized ads

No more jumping from website to website. We filter all your leads into the same inbox.

Get your time back, while we handle the busy work

Save yourself the drive. We simplify logistics, showings, and everything in between.

Simplified lead management

Streamlined onboarding matches tenants to properties that fit their needs.

Busy? We help with showings

Receive extra support when needed to provide amazing tours to prospective tenants.

Ikos communication

Leasing tools for portfolios of all sizes

Lead Management

Our team answers questions and provides detailed context that renters need, around the clock.

Listing on top rental sites

With one post, your property reaches sites like Zillow, Zumper, Facebook Marketplace, and more.

Premium success

Market trends change daily. Our Client Advisors provide everything needed to stay ahead of rapid change.


Each showing provides you with clear feedback and details around what helps your property rent faster.

Professional photos & video

This isn’t just a rental, it’s your investment. Showcase the best parts of your property in the best way.

Property layouts

Equip renters with the details that allow your property to stand out. Layouts provide an experience photos alone can’t.

Ikos Dashboard Screenshots
George, Landlord from Pihladelphia
“I’ve been using Ikos for three years. I have six units and haven’t missed a month of rent since.”
George, Landlord from Philadelphia


What are the differences between packages?

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Who shows my property? Who has access to my property?

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