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Simplifying the leasing process.
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How it works.


Ikos manages the leasing process for Property Owners. We market their properties, field renter leads, and schedule & conduct showings.

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As leads come in, we match qualified people looking for their next home with Property Owners who have a place that's the perfect fit.

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Our team works with Renters throughout the application process, answering any questions they have up until the lease is signed.

How It Started.

When Ikos Co-Founder and CEO Steven Welles first moved to Pittsburgh, he nearly missed out on a great apartment. “I actually turned it down,” he says, “because the property manager knew nothing about the neighborhood.” But as luck would have it, a resident passing by overheard their conversation and gave Steven a snapshot of the neighborhood that clinched his decision. “That was the tipping point,” he says.

In 2016, Steven and his Co-Founder Patrick Paul started Ikos to help simplify the leasing process for property owners and renters.


“Most property owners are trying to run a small business outside of their day job and they don’t have the tools to do it,” says Steven. Ikos has created a platform to help these landlords market, show and rent their properties - all while providing a sense of local flavor to the renters they meet along the way.

Since launching in Pittsburgh in 2017, Ikos has expanded to three other markets, including Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington D.C.

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Our values.

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We are accountable for our actions and responsive to and reflective of critique and praise.

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We put people first and invite individuals to offer new perspectives and be additive to who we are and what we do.

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We find ways for individuals to feel impact and excitement for their works and contributions. We encourage individuals to pursue personal goals and interests.


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