Credit Requirements

What are the credit score expectations to rent an Ikos listing?

Credit score expectations will vary per owner and per listing. Typically these expectations range from 500+ to 700+. The expectation of the listing you're interested in will be noted on the listing's concierge property page.

  • If your credit is below the owner's expectation a co-signer would be advised. To be effective, your co-signer should ideally have a credit score 100+ points above the expectation set for applicants. 
  • If your credit score is just marginally shy of the expectation set by the owner, they may be flexible and/or simply ask for additional move in costs. (ie. double security deposit or add on last month's rent to move in expenses if not already required) 
  • If you've not established credit a co-signer will likely be advised. There may be flexibility toward this should you have co-occupants with exceeding credit scores and household incomes exceeding the requirement. 

These circumstances and flexibilities will be at the owner's discretion. If you have any questions you are welcome to discuss your circumstance with a team member before applying.