Do Ikos listings accept housing vouchers?

I have a Section 8 voucher or another rental assistance program supplementing my expenses. Will Ikos be able to connect me with a rental?

We do work with owners whom have taken the necessary steps to have their properties approved for Section 8 vouchers. You can filter for these listings on our inventory page per region. For other rental assistance programs, most often, those listings approved for Section 8 will also work with your program. But we'll want to inquire first! Please connect with a member of out team so we can inquire with the respective owner to be sure your application and rental assistance will be considered! 

For Section 8: This filter can be found under the "Filters" selection above our property listings. You'll scroll to the bottom of the filters options to find "Section 8" and select this filter's box before clicking "See Results". 

(See Below)

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