Does each renter have their personal, employment, and rental references checked?

Who contacts applicant references listed within a renter's application?

Ikos collects a fair amount of information from every renter applying for a property in our network including personal references, employer information, and previous residence history. It is your responsibility as the owner or property manager to call references as needed. Renters provide consent for you to contact their references as part of the Terms and Conditions they agree to when applying through Ikos.

Calling references is a great opportunity for owners to get to know potential tenants better, especially before making a decision to accept or reject their application. This is also how you can avoid fake landlords, too. By doing a three-way match between the renter's application, their credit report/background check, and calling references, you can minimize the potential for accepting someone based on deliberately fraudulent information. Ikos encourages you to do your due diligence (within the parameters of fair housing laws and Ikos policies) for each application received.

Occasionally applicants have requested to be notified before contacting a current landlord or employer not local to their moving destination as they may not yet have given notice. This is not a legally binding request as the acceptance of our Terms and Conditions is required before starting an application. Out of courtesy to the renter, we will include this request in your application's "Note from Ikos" so you're aware. We are happy to reach back out to the renter to give requested notice. 

Let us know if you ever need to provide explicit documentation to the applicant or their references for permissions and we will be sure to help you out!