How are renter leads handled if I have the Workforce package?

How do renters interested in my property get contacted and move forward?

So you've checked Homebase, and you see that you've received some leads over the past week. What's a lead, anyway? A lead is a renter that has inquired about your property. They found your rental advertised on Ikos' site, Zillow, Facebook,, or potentially a dozen other websites, and then hit a button to indicate a desire to learn more, tour, or potentially apply. 

When a renter indicates their interest and submits their initial information, we reach out to them immediately either through text or email (whichever they marked as their preference). Because Ikos handles so many leads on a daily basis, we ask that renters create a free account so that we can verify their contact information and provide better service. After doing so, they gain access to many additional features including video tours, floor plans, scheduling a showing, and applying.

Some renters take the extra step of completing their renter profile by pre-screening themselves using our qualifying form. We match that to your Acceptance Criteria to let the renters know if there is a misalignment so that they can make an informed decision about how to proceed and if they desire a showing.

If a showing is requested, we have two options: 

  1. In-person showing. The renter is scheduled to meet at the selected property with one of our Showing Representatives at an agreed upon time. 
  2. Live Video Tour. A popular option in the age of COVID, and essential when a renter is moving from out of town. 

    Renters submitting an application are charged $39, which covers a background and credit check from our approved and secure vendor, JDP (via TransUnion). Renters can apply to more than one rental at a time and their application is good for 60 days total. Our team will help renters process their applications, requesting documents to help you corroborate what's on their application. Once a renter tells us they have provided all they can, it's sent to you, the owner or landlord, for review and approval/rejection.