How can I find out about the neighborhood and surrounding area of the listing I'm interested in?

If you're wondering if the neighborhood of your listing is safe or the school district is reputable, here are some resources to find out!

Is the area a good area? Is there a lot of crime in the area? Would you live in the area? While these are understandable and valid questions anyone may want to know when moving into a new neighborhood, our team members likely do not have the insights you are looking for.

That said, if you're able and local to the area, we encourage that your drive around to check it out yourself! We've also identified a few sites that provide neighborhoods statistics, school ratings and other scored criteria you may find helpful.  and

To use these sites, you'll simply input the address you're interested in from their home page. We suggest you try both sites as one or the other may not have the information you're looking for.