Can I get a refund?

While there are circumstances that may result in a refund of your application, user error in ordering the report or application denial are not among them. Please review this article for better understanding of our policy.

The cost of the application covers the expenses incurred for obtaining consumer and credit reports. Should your report be invalid due to misinformation provided, this is considered user error and will not be refunded. Applicants will need to order another report inputting their accurate information for the review of a valid report. 

Our hope is to assist renters in presenting strong applications for owner consideration. That said, we cannot guarantee an application's approval. Most cases of denied applications are due to something discovered in an applicant's history, owner income or credit expectations not being met or a stronger applicant was selected for approval. The results of these decisions are not cause for a refund.

While we cannot refund for application denial, we would love to further assist you in continuing your rental search! You will not be charged for the re-use of your application so long as your report has not expired. Reports expire 60 days after the date they were ordered. 

If your request for a refund is outside of these circumstances, please let us know so we can promptly address the issue!