How will I know if an applicant has viewed my property?

Ideally, you'd like applicants to view the property in person or virtually before scheduling a lease signing. We will let you know if they've yet to view your property and make whatever arrangements you deem necessary.

More and more, we are processing applications for renters that have not yet viewed properties in-person. You will be notified in the "Note from Ikos" section whether the applicants have toured or not. It is important to remember that renters might be moving from out of state and, in today's remote world, many local renters are also pursuing their search virtually. Some applicants may be fully okay securing the lease site unseen having viewed the video tour provided. Let us know if you require a live showing to be held so we can make those arrangements!

If you are already in contact with approved renters whom have yet to tour your property and you wish for them to do so before moving forward with the lease, remember they can schedule a tour directly through their Ikos account. Alert your Client Advisor of their expected communications and we can expedite a promising applicant/household.

We understand the desire to ensure everyone is on the same page about the property and what's included to ensure an agreeable lease term!