What is the Ikos renter journey in detail?

Trying to find your next rental can be an undertaking! We're here in hopes to make things a bit easier for renters and owners alike. Here is a detailed outline of a renter's Ikos journey.

Welcome to Ikos! I hope you have identified a property, if not a few, among our inventory that would be suitable to your needs. Let's review our services and the steps for renters toward signing a lease!

Our most basic service is listing and marketing rental properties on behalf of property owners to be found by potential renters in their rental search! Unlike many rental sites where you might find a large catalog of available properties, for renters, our catalog of properties allows for an application to be put toward a number of listings without duplicating fees or having multiple consumer/credit reports ordered. 

Once you have identified a listing of interest, you'll need to create an account by selecting "Get Started" on the listing's property page. There is no fee to having an account, you'll just be asked a few "Renter Profile" questions to be sure you meet the expectations set forth by a listing's owner. If expectations are a match, you'll move right along to next steps! If your qualifying criteria do not meet the owner's expectations, we are here to talk through those outliers and make the necessary inquiries to see if the owner is flexible to your circumstance. You are welcome to apply for a property at your own discretion, regardless of qualifications. Our goal in this is transparency and to not waste either party's time or money in the rental search experience. 

With an account created you'll have access to a secondary property page that includes a recorded video tour. From here, you are welcome to apply directly, continue asking questions to be sure it's the place for you OR request a showing! 

We have two options for showings. 

  1. In-person showing: You will be scheduled to meet at the selected property with one of our Showing Representatives at an agreed upon time. 
  2. Live Video Tour: Rather stay at home? Or moving from out of town? Not a problem! Just select the live video tour option upon requesting a showing and we'll arrange for a Google Hangout with one of our Showing Representatives at a time that works for you. This will require you have the Google Hangout application or access from a computer. 

You've seen the space and have determined you qualify or would like to throw your hat in the ring regardless and are ready to apply! First step will be ordering your consumer report ($39) from our approved and secure vendor JDP (who uses TransUnion for background and credit information) and complete your application. As mentioned, your application is not limited to one listing. The report you've ordered will expire in 60 days, in this window of time you can continue to use your application. Just be sure to maintain updated documentation! 

Submit your application once complete. We do have a number of articles providing instruction if need be. Please ask if you have any questions for which you're not able to find an answer. 

The last leg of this journey is having your application reviewed by the owner to make a decision. We grant owners three uninterrupted business days to make a decision. Sometimes they'll come back with decisions much sooner, sometimes later. At that three day mark you can count on us reaching out to owners to insist on a decision so you can start making plans or consider other listings. 

Should you be approved, the owner will likely reach out directly for final arrangements, agreeing on terms and signing a lease. 

Should your application be denied, we encourage that you continue using your application toward other listings. Again, within the 60 days of your consumer report being ordered, there is no additional fee for this. We also are available to assist you in strengthening your application for future owner reviews. Maybe you didn't include a recurring income? Maybe context provided regarding histories would have made the difference? We'll work with you in presenting your application at its best. 


From Ikos, we wish you happy house hunting while on your way to a happy housewarming!