How many properties can or should I apply to at a time?

Are there multiple listings among Ikos inventory that are of interest to you and your household? Good news! Your application is not limited to one listing. Here's what we advise.

Once you have completed an application, it CAN be put toward more than one listing. That said, while you're not limited on the number of applications you can submit at once, we DO advise that you focus on just a few favorites (two to three) at a time. We've learned from the landlords we help that casting too wide a net may appear noncommittal upon owner application reviews, ultimately swaying their decision toward approving another qualified applicant that appears more intent about their specific rental.

We'll try our best to update you in a timely manner of owner decisions. Owners also have the ability to approve or deny applications from their dashboards, which in turn will update the application in your renter dashboard. If not approved for a property, we encourage you to move on to submitting your application for your next favored listing. 

Best practice is to submit your application for no more than three listings at a time. If denied for one, move on to submitting your application for your 4th favorite listing and so on. 

Notice: We do have listings with owners that have selected our "Essentials" service. In these situations, you'll be connected directly with the owner who may have their own application and application fee. If you have a current Ikos application already on file, they do have the option of accepting or denying your completed application that you've already submitted.