How should I apply as a college student without a sufficient income?

If you're a student with little or no sources of income, here are your options.

As a student you'll have a few options.

If you receive any student loans or scholarship this IS considered a source of income. You'll want to upload documentation of these funds. Documentation should state your name as the recipient, the amounts received and verify these funds will be available to you through the upcoming months inclusive of the start of your lease. If these funds are sufficient to cover your living and student expenses, it may be all we need!

If your living expenses are supplemented by someone else, you'll want to invite this person to co-sign. We'll need to review your co-signer's credit report and you'll need to upload an image of their photo ID and proofs of recurring recent incomes. Their income documentation should reflect funds sufficient to cover their own expenses and yours. 

Note: If you work part time, or have student loans not sufficient to cover living expenses, you will want a co-signer, but please still include these incomes to strengthen your application. Household incomes are considered collectively. So if you're applying with housemates you will not be expected to have proof of income sufficient to cover the whole household, just your portion.