I approved an application and now they want to add an additional occupant over 18 years old. What should I do?

Should there be an additional renter who plans on joining the household as an occupant of your property, you'll likely want to screen them. Here is what to do so they can be added to the household's "application packet".

Sometimes groups of renters may have a last-minute addition to their group or wish to swap someone out due to their planned living situation. If you've already approved an application - or even if you haven't - Ikos can help.

First thing, let your assigned Client Advisor know there is a need to add an occupant to the application packet so we can contact the application packet's "maintainer" and provide any needed assistance. If you have already approved the initial application without this additional occupant, you'll need to allow for us to return the application packet from your Homebase account so edits/additions can be made. This can be done by selecting "reject" which you'll promptly want to correct by selecting "reconsider" so we, internally, are able to return application for edit.

Instruct the applicants to invite their final household member to the application as a co-occupant. This will attach the new occupant's application to the household's and we will re-dispatch the finalized application packet to you once complete. 

For detailed instruction, be sure the applicants know to connect with us directly so we can assist.