Is my information secure using the Ikos website?

You want to be sure your information is safe. We get it! Here is more about our process and how user information is received and handled.

Completing an application does require that you provide information by which you can be identified for the order of your consumer and/or credit report. This information is used by our approved report vendor, JDP, to gather an individual’s background and credit histories for owner review. While we do obtain and review the reports generated from this information, our internal staff does not have access to the information you’ve provided to build these reports.

You will also be asked to provide documented proof of income. Bank deposit statements are a common form of documentation applicants choose to use. For the purpose of reviewing your income, only your name as account holder, recent dates and amounts received will need reviewed. Account numbers or any sensitive information you are welcome to black out.

For the upload of your picture ID, this is most often a state issued driver's license or passport (pictured page). There is no need to upload your social security card. 


For further information, please review our Privacy Policy.