What does Ikos consider as valid proof of income?

Not sure what proof of income Ikos collects for applications? Here are some of our guidelines.

Any recurring source of income received will be considered. Here are some common documentations accepted.

From Employment

  • One full month of a renter's most recent pay stubs. Their most recent pay stub should be inclusive of the past 30 days whether paid weekly, biweekly or monthly. Four weeks of pay period will be acceptable to account for a full month.
  • For contract gig workers paid through an online portal (ie. Uber, Door Dash, Lyft, etc) they're welcome to simply take screenshots of the past month's worth of payments credited to their portal for whichever company. 
  • For upcoming employment, or employment so recent they've not yet completed a full month of pay periods, we ask for an offer letter. This should confirm their name as the new hire, their start date and their wage or salary. If their wage is hourly, we'll also request confirmation of whether this employment is to be part time or full time. 

From Student Loans, Child Support, SSI, Disability, VA, Unemployment or other weekly/monthly stipends received:

  • Documentation of these incomes should state their name as the recipient, the amounts to be received and verify they will be available funds through upcoming months and inclusive of the start of their lease.

If a renter does not have formal documentation of these funds or multiple sources of income, they are welcome to upload their past three month's worth of bank deposit statements. These should be the most recent past three months. We ask for three month's to verify consistency of these funds.