What does Ikos do and not do for renters?

Welcome to Ikos! I bet you are wondering what we do and what our role will be in your rental journey! Here is a rundown of the services we provide and those we don't.

What we do:

  • List and market properties on behalf of owners and property managers.
  • Provide a "Concierge" platform as a space for renters to maintain a personal dashboard where they can manage listings, schedule showings, ask questions and apply to properties.
  • Provide renters with a 60 day re-usable application not limited to one listing at a time!
  • Cross reference renters' qualifications with the expectations set forth by owners in an effort to ensure a renter's application will be considered per an owner's requirements. Note: Renters are welcome to apply regardless of owner expectations should they choose!  
  • Discuss with renters any criteria not met to advise on strengthening an application for owner consideration and/or inquire as to whether an owner might be flexible toward a renter's circumstance within reason.
  • Conducts in-person as well as live virtual showings via Google Hangouts. 
  • Provides answers to inquiries regarding property and lease details. If we do not have the necessary notes to inform an answer, we'll inquire on a renter's behalf within reason.
  • Assist renters through the application process and ensure all necessary information is provided as to not present the owner with an incomplete application for best chances of approval.
  • Connect approved applicants with their new landlords to make further lease and move in arrangements. 
  • For those properties with owners whom have elected our "Essential" service, renters and owners have a shared platform for messaging communication.
  • Provide access to renters insurance through our partners at Sure, regardless of whether you rent through Ikos or not!
  • We will work with real estate agents, family members, advisors as well as other agencies on behalf of renters.

Ikos also accepts all feedback so our small company can continue to grow, improve and provide the best service possible to our users and clients alike!


What Ikos does NOT do:

  • Ikos does not collect deposits or any fees associated with the actual rental. The only money requested from us will be the $39 fee for a renter's application and optionally a $14 fee for a cosigner's credit report. Both are processed online through our partners at JDP. 
  • We are not a property management company. Any need for property repairs and maintenance will be handled by the owner or property manager connected to the respective property.
  • Ikos does not determine price, pets, lease length or terms. These details will be defined by the owner or property manager connected to the respective property.
  • Ikos does not make decisions on application approvals or denials. These decisions will be made by the owner or property manager connected to the respective property.
  • At this time, we do not provide commission to real estate agents that are working on behalf of our customers.