How do I approve an Ikos application and what happens next?

Want to approve an Ikos application for your rental and move forward? Here's how it works!

So you've reviewed the application for your rental and you like what you see - the renter meets your acceptance criteria and you're ready to go! It's time to approve the application, which you'll see on the right side when on the main page for the application packet (check out the video below!). After approving an application packet through Homebase, you'll be prompted to view the contact details of your approved applicant. It is the landlord's responsibility to contact the approved applicant as soon as possible. Ikos recommends sending an email to your potential renter first and following up with a call/text if there is no response within 24 hours. In the meantime, Ikos will let the renter(s) know to be on the lookout for your communication.

It is important to follow up at least once in case the first communication is overlooked as there's a lot of spam out there these days! Let us know if you're having difficulty contacting the approved applicant and we can help you get in touch. As the world of leasing moves faster and faster, collecting a signed lease and deposit quickly helps both you and the potential renter get peace of mind.

One thing to note is that Homebase will only let you approve one applicant at a time, so to move forward with another applicant requires you to reject the application you approved first (and you can then "reconsider"). If you receive multiple competitive applications at once, Ikos recommends approving your first choice and contacting the second group to let them know you'll reach out if Group 1 has not signed a lease within a specified number of days.

Check out the how-to video below:

Approving an Applicaiton