What if I have something on my background check like a criminal record or eviction?

Every occupant of your household 18 years old+ will need to put forward an application for a consumer report to be obtained providing credit, eviction and criminal histories. Here's what to expect!

Landlords vary greatly in their applicant expectations. Some will expect for no eviction or criminal histories reported. Some will allow for histories with X amount of time passed. Some will allow for non-violent histories or evictions per circumstance explained.

You'll want to provide context of your circumstance on your application. In the 'Personal Details' section of your application there is a field for 'Comments' where you can write freely. Please utilize this space. 

We encourage that you reach out to our team to address these histories before applying. We are happy to inquire if the landlord is flexible toward your circumstance! 

Here's how to get in touch with a team member.

Ikos strives to educate and advise those owners we work with to adhere to all local and state policies protecting the rights of renters.

If you feel your application has been denied based on misinformation in your consumer report you are welcome to present evidence of inaccuracies for reconsideration. You will have access to your consumer report from your dashboard.