What if my application is denied?

Your application was denied by the owner of one of our listings. That's okay! We can still assist you in your rental search!

Should your application be denied by one of the owners we work with, we are happy to continue assisting you in your rental search! The consumer report you've ordered is available to us for 60 days from the date it was obtained. Within this window, your application can be redirected toward other listings for consideration with no additional fee(s).

We encourage you to visit our inventory to identify other listings that would fit your needs and request an application. The application invite will just need accepted before you submit for the the new listing. You are welcome to make any edits before submitting to further strengthen your application. This might be providing further proof of income documentation, providing context to histories reported in the 'comments' section of the application or adding a cosigner. Your application as you'd completed it for the initial listing will autogenerate so no need to duplicate work already done!

You can navigate to your region's inventory fro our homepage ikos.rent.