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What is Fair Housing?

I'd like to learn more about federal and local housing regulations.

Commonly known as Fair Housing, the Fair Housing Act was a major step towards providing equal housing opportunity to all. This federal regulation prohibits discrimination based on: race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, and disability. Fair Housing also provides recommendations and stipulations on other aspects of the rental process, such as a reasonable limitation of two people per bedroom. Abiding by these along with your state and local laws is critical, especially in advertising a rental unit and in application review.

With regard to working with Ikos, this means there should be no discrimination in advertisements for a rental unit and applications should be reviewed without prejudice and bias.

In advertising, steer clear of words or phrasing that might indicate a preference for (or desire to avoid) certain types of renters. Words like "great bachelor pad" or "not great for kids" should not be used. Make sure to describe the property, not who might live there. When reviewing applications, apply the same standards and acceptance criteria to all who apply.

Not only is the Fair Housing Act law, but Ikos also urges renters and landlords alike to look beyond fair housing laws alone, and treat others with dignity and respect to ensure the renting experience is equal for all. As part of signing the Terms and Conditions for use of Homebase, Concierge, and other Ikos products and services, Ikos requires acknowledgement and acceptance of the Ikos Fair Housing Pledge. Access the Fair Housing Pledge here.