What is my Ikos "Dashboard"?

You may have heard our team members refer to your "dashboard". Here's what the dashboard is to you!

Once you have created an account you will have your own portal within our "Concierge" to manage activity and apply for properties. The space in which you can manage your activity is your dashboard split into 4 portions: Favorites, Showings, Applications and Renter Profile.

Renter Profile: Here you will be able to manage and edit your profile information including your contact information and your rental qualifying criteria. From this tab you also will have access to download your consumer report should you order one to pursue an application!

Favorites: As you browse our inventory you can select favorites to file away and revisit later as you weigh options and make decisions!

Showings: Manage your showings, request to reschedule or change an in person showing to a live virtual tour. You can also cancel your showing from this page or add the showing to your calendar. 

Applications: Manage and edit your application(s) before submitting for review. Upon being reviewed by the property owner, applications can be approved or denied from the owner's "Homebase" dashboard which will update the status of your application as it appears in your dashboard. From your Approved application property cards, you also will be presented with owner contact information and have the option to order renter's insurance through our partners at Sure.