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When should I have my rental cleaned?

Is it better to clean immediately after the current tenants move out or right before the new tenants move in? Here's what we believe to be best practice.

The answer is "both". Simply put, renters want a clean home. Sure, few will keep it as clean as when they first move in but cleanliness still matters. Not only does a clean home improve the quality of tours, but it also shows the renters that you care about the property.

Dirtiness is one of the top complaints from renters that tour with Ikos, and "cleaning before move-in" is subsequently one of the most common requests from renters considering an application or signing a lease. There will even be times, if the home gets a lot of renter traffic or if there has been a lot of recent rain or snow, it is beneficial to give a good wipe-down regardless of someone moving in or out.

You only get one first impression!