Who handles the maintenance once I move in?

How do I report property concerns or issues over the course of my lease term?

Although an advantage to renting vs. homeownership is avoiding many unforeseen maintenance costs, it doesn't mean that sudden issues can't occur while you're living there. While Ikos does not handle property maintenance, we do our best to ensure property owners take care of their rental units to provide safe and habitable living conditions. Whether it's a blown fuse, an old water heater, or backed-up plumbing, things happen.

If you encounter a maintenance issue while living at a rental property, it's important to know both the owner's responsibilities and your own responsibilities as different cities and states have different laws. In almost all regions, landlords are legally required to make the property safe, sanitary and habitable for move-in. Depending on the region and whether the unit is a single-family home or in a multi-unit building, certain responsibilities during the course of the lease may shift to the tenant. Similarly, there may be specific clauses in the lease agreement you sign. 

Regardless, when signing a lease you'll want to clarify with the owner/property manager who will be responsible for specific items. If an issue occurs, we recommend alerting your landlord/property manager right away to inform them of the details so you can work together to resolve it as quickly as possible. Some property managers may even offer 24/7 maintenance!

Some resources regarding legally required maintenance and tenant rights are below: