Who shows my property? Who has access to my property?

You're protective of your property and want to be sure those with access are vetted properly. We get it! Here's more about our "Insiders" and "Field Support" staff.

Thousands of renters inquire about properties listed on Ikos's site every month. Whether they found the property from Zillow, Facebook, or our own website, we field a lot of questions and requests for tours. With every Ikos listing, there are two routine circumstances for our being at your property which will be tasked to one of two groups among our representatives.

Field Support: 

In an effort to present your listing at its fullest, we first send one of our Field Support staff to your property. They will gather photos, video, room dimensions among other information to make available to potential renters and our internal staff. 


In order to maximize showing coverage and availability, Ikos works with "Insiders". Insiders conduct in-person showings and live video tours. They arrive before the renters to unlock the home and escort them through their showing. Insiders help field questions about the property based on the listing details and any internal notes, so it's important to provide property information as detailed as possible to get ahead of as many renter questions as possible. If renters voice lingering questions or concerns, Insiders will take note on a Feedback Form for feedback and/or inquiries to be shared with owners. Once a showing is complete, Insiders will lock everything back up before leaving.

While a real estate license isn't necessary for these types of tasks, some individuals among our Field Support and Insider representatives do have licenses. Every Ikos staffer, contracted or internal, is fully vetted inclusive of a background check.