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Why do renters keep flaking on me?

How to make sure everyone's serious about moving forward with a showing, application, and/or lease.

Whether you're a Workforce user who's approved a few renters without a lease to show for it or an Essentials user who's tired of trekking across town for a no-show, Ikos understands the frustration you're likely feeling. So how do you maximize your chances for moving forward with serious renters and/or sealing the deal with a lease and deposit? Ikos has a few tips:

  1. Be timely. Every hour a renter goes without a response is more time for them to look at other rentals. If you're an Essentials user, scheduling a prompt showing with the potential tenant keeps them engaged. As a Workforce user, if you've received a potentially qualified applicant, be quick about your review process. If everything checks out, contact the renter ASAP. On a related note, communicate proactively. Be wary of appearing overzealous, but a follow up never hurts!
  2. Understand the renter market. Essentials users should take the time to review what other rentals are out there, such as concessions offered by competing properties, amenities available elsewhere, and rental traffic trends. Workforce users are encouraged to contact their Client Advisor about these market details; a Client Advisor can provide insight on the other properties in the Ikos network that might be in direct competition with your unit. They can also give you suggestions on how you might be able to sweeten the deal with listing changes and last-second offers.
  3. Limit barriers to entry. These barriers are not literal, of course, but rather deterring rental criteria and policies. Examples include disproportionally high pet fees, unique move-in requirements, and superfluous lease restrictions. Appearing more flexible and accommodating can be a competitive advantage.

Keep in mind that the rental market changes from year to year, so it's important to learn and adapt with it. Ikos is here to help you.