Why was my application denied?

The landlord has reviewed your application and decided to not move forward with your household. Here are reasons why they may have come to this decision.

Unfortunately, landlords are not obligated to provide us reasoning to their decisions. That said, some reasons for denial are as follows. 

  • The landlord decided to pursue another competitive applicant.
  • Your move in date is too far out from the listing's availability date.
  • There was a history found in your background check, eviction and/or criminal, that led to this result.
  • Your credit report showed too many outstanding balances and/or your score did not meet expectation.
  • Your verifiable proof of recurring recent incomes was not deemed sufficient to reliably cover household living expenses.
  • Your co-signer's credit and/or proof of recurring recent incomes was not sufficient to reliably cover their presumed living expenses as well as another's.