Why was my application returned?

You've received a message from Ikos notifying you that your submitted application has been returned for further needs. Here are common reasons why.

Our team is working hard to be sure your application is presented at its greatest strength for owner consideration. To get your application in a competitive place, it may be returned for edits, additional documents or needed clarity. 

Some common reasons for a returned application include, but are not limited to: 

  • Proof of income documentation for applicant or cosigner is not recent and/or does not encompass a sufficient window to time to determine a regular month's income. 
  • There is mention of another adult occupant (spouse, housemate/roommate, adult children, etc) whom has not been invited to the application as a co-occupant. Review of consumer reports for all occupants 18 years old+ is required. 
  • Cosigner has not accepted invite to cosign. This one is often missed. When you invite your cosigner, they will receive an email inviting them to cosign. Let them know to keep an eye out for it! Without their acceptance, we'll not be able to order their credit report for review. 
  • Cosigner documentation missing. Similar to applicants, an image of photo ID to confirm identity and proof of recent recurring incomes to confirm sufficient funds is required for review. Cosigners do not have application access so these documents will need uploaded by the applicant on the cosigner's behalf. 
  • Applicants of the same household have noted inconsistent information. ie. One household member notes "desired move-in date" to be Oct 1 and their co-occupant notes "desired move-in date" to be Oct 16. Please be sure of consistency as information provided does determine owner decisions. In this case, owners often are motivated to secure the earliest lease start date. If there is any ambiguity, they may opt to approve another household with confirmed sooner dates. 

Your application may be returned if it does not present itself as meeting the qualifications set forth by the property's owner. We will return your application with a message advising what might strengthen the application and to be sure your household and their incomes are accounted for in full.

If you deem your application as complete, please re-submit and let us know it is to be reviewed "as is" so there is no further delay in a decision.