Renters insurance powered by Sure

Ikos partners with Sure to help get renters, and the things they love, protected

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Mitigate risk in your new home and beyond


Personal property

Coverage for your belongings if they are damaged anywhere in the world.


Loss of use

In the event that your property becomes unlivable, costs relating to housing and increased living expenses will be covered.


Personal liability

Protection in the event of bodily injury or damage to someone else’s property for which you are legally liable. There’s no deductible for this coverage.


Replacement costs

If your personal property is damaged by a covered peril, we will pay to replace the item without deduction for depreciation since it was purchased.


Sewage or drain backups

Coverage for your personal property damaged as the result of a water backup of sewers or drains.


Identity fraud

Identity Fraud Expense Coverage is an endorsement to the Renters Insurance Program that helps cover the cost and time it takes to restore your identity.


Renters insurance is so much more than you think, except when it comes to price

Sure can cover your belongings if they are damaged anywhere in the world, protect you from personal liability if you are responsible for damage to another’s property, and help protect you in the event of identity theft. Costs related to increased housing and living expenses could even be covered. All of that and more is available to Ikos’ renters for much less money than the average person spends on the internet in a month. And how can you surf the internet or stream your latest binge-worthy show without your phone, computer, or flat screen?


How to get started

Once your application has been approved, you can get an instant quote directly from your Concierge dashboard. Just answer a few questions about yourself, where you live, and what you have, and Sure will hook you up with the best policy to protect your stuff.

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Why Sure

Sure’s mission is to make insurance accessible in every sense of the word, aiming to provide transparency and ease to its customers at an affordable rate. That’s a mission we can get behind.



Content and associated insurance products are provided by Sure HIIS Insurance Services, LLC (“Sure”), a licensed seller of insurance. The above does not in any way constitute an endorsement or referral by Ikos of Sure’s products or services.